Support with legal questions

Law and legislation accompany you through your entire life: you conclude contracts every day, consciously or unconsciously. Or you abide by laws or sometimes violate them without intent.

Many of these daily legal transactions have no or only minor consequences for your life. However, some of them are so significant that they should be given special attention. These are the transactions where the assistance of a lawyer is advisable. Because they will help you to know and protect your rights. Whether you are concluding a contract, dealing with specific legal issues or in the event of a dispute - consulting a lawyer at an early stage will protect you from unpleasant surprises.

So do not hesitate to contact them in good time. You can find all lawyers admitted to the bar in Liechtenstein - sorted by subject - using our search function. How the first meeting proceeds, how you can best prepare for it and what costs you should expect for it, can be found under the following link.