Quality and security

The attorneys at law stand for sound and objective legal advice. Therefore, they must pass an examination before being admitted to the bar and are subject to the supervision of the Bar Association and the disciplinary authority of the High Court. They are also subject to other rules in order to provide the best possible service and protection for their clients:

  • The lawyer exercises his profession independently, in his own name and on his own responsibility
  • The rights of the clients are faithfully and conscientiously represented against everyone. Everything that is useful for representation is put forward unreservedly and the necessary means are used in every way. In doing so, the lawyer shall be bound only by the power of attorney and the provisions of law.
  • The lawyer is obliged to refuse representation or even to give advice if a conflict of interest exists. This is the case, for example, if the other party has already been represented in the same or a related matter. Likewise, both parties may not be served or advice given in the same case.
  • The lawyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality about the matters entrusted to him. This also includes facts that otherwise become known in his or her professional capacity, the secrecy of which is in the interest of the party.


Sometimes other service providers also offer the preparation of a contract or non-binding legal advice. Caution is advised here, because these services are reserved exclusively for attorneys-at-law - only they are responsible for providing professional legal advice and representing parties in all judicial and extrajudicial proceedings and in all public and private matters. In addition, they have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide correct and legally sound advice.

In addition to these advantages, the cooperation with a lawyer is particularly protected:

  • Trust through the duty of confidentiality: your lawyer has the right to confidentiality in court and other official proceedings in accordance with the legal provisions. This right may not be circumvented by judicial or other official measures, such as by questioning assistants or by demanding the surrender of documents or seizing them. All their data and information are therefore subject to this legal protection. The trustful and transparent cooperation is thus protected by law.
  • Security through insurance: The lawyer is insured for all damages caused in the course of his professional representation of parties. The liability insurance also covers any damages to the client. Thus, you are also financially protected in the event of an error on the part of the lawyer.