First talk

 It pays to involve a lawyer early, even before a conflict arises. Care should be taken when taking legal advice from other "service providers". For it is only lawyers who offer professional and comprehensive legal consulting and representation and are suitably insured for these activities.

Your lawyer is obliged to maintain confidentiality. The more open you talk with him about your problems, the better will he be able to assess your situation and safeguard your interests. Trust is the basis for working together with your lawyer.

The better you prepare for the first talk, the better will your lawyer be able to get an overview of your situation and show you the suitable steps.

Write down a few words on your situation, your problems, and your wishes, and if possible take all material and documentation that is available to you to your first talk.

Do not hesitate to ask your lawyer the following questions during your first talk:

  • How do you assess my chances and risks?
  • What can and will you to for me?
  • What can I do myself, and what should I do?
  • What costs (lawyer's fees, legal fees, other costs) do I have to expect?